Kira's Poetry & Musings

Dec. 14, 2019

We have been stuck in a time warp
Of orange putridness,
Whiny voices,
And even smaller penises,

Where the truth
Blows the toupee away,
But the believers can’t see
The baldness that lies beneath

Where the words tumble out
In a stream of unconsciousness
But we see and hear the garbage
That flows from a monstrous sewer

Vermin beget vermin
And the exterminator’s job is arduous,
But once the nest is exposed
We’ll be rid of the filth and disease.

Kira Braun
Jun. 1, 2019

What will our widened eyes see
At Prinsengracht 263

Will they skim past
Careful memories left

Or will they notice
Every detail of the weft

In the building’s painful tale
Told by the beams that hold it now

Will the floorboards whisper to me
The words of a young girl

When I pass behind the bookcase
Will my senses whirl

Weaving an eternity
Of lives lost, faces staring back at me

Or will I hear the beat
Of a child’s curious heart

And suddenly know what it’s like
For dreams to come apart

Kira Braun
May. 24, 2019

I have been lost
In his arms,
No sense of time
Or place

Fingers reaching tenderly
Across his handsome face
Delicately tracing
The line of his jaw and brow

His silken arms cradle
Me against his chest
My head rests on his shoulder,
Hair cascading across

From below I look up
Seeing what no one else sees
For he is mine alone,
And I am his.

Legs intertwined
Fully embracing
Fully appreciating,
His shoulders, arms and waist

I am in awe
That he holds me
So tenderly;

I wish his kisses
To never cease
Deep, passionate and real,
For a moment we are still

Feeling every curve,
muscle and softness
In each other
Sweet lips bound together

To meet his gaze
Is a moment
Suspended in air
To last all my days.

Kira Braun
May. 19, 2019

Who I am
Inside this skin
Is nothing like
You think

Who can define
My heart’s intent?
The way I feel,
The direction I went?

Who can say
That I don’t hurt
Or perhaps, that I
Know naught...

Can you tell
By looking at me,
The places I’ve been,
The beauty I’ve seen?

You cannot see
The memories I’ve had,
Long lost loves,
How wistful, how sad...

Do you know
How I’ve loved,
The tastes I’ve tried,
The tears I’ve cried?

No, your vision
Has a cataract,
A foggy reflection
In a mirror that’s cracked

Look deeper
Past my skin,
To my heart,
To what lies within.

Kira Braun
May. 14, 2019

Annelies Marie

She skipped home from school that day,
Not a care in the world,
Except that boy who’d caught her eye there,

She liked to dance with the other kids,
Run in the yard, laugh out loud,
Sunlight catching in her hair...

She loved the fresh air and the dancing leaves
And tales of far away lands,
Of ships and sailors and shifting sands,

She knew laughter and song
Friendship, and walking quietly along,
She knew the butterfly’s wing was strong;

And on that fateful day, she had to hide away
Because the world suddenly wasn’t safe
For her to be an innocent child at play

Don’t breathe, no light, don’t speak,
Stay out of sight
No friends can visit now ~

Somehow she still found a way
To express herself each day,
And from a tiny little nook, she wrote a mighty, thoughtful book.

Overnight, her world was torn apart;
She became a woman, wise and caring,
Gentle and funny, real, and smart

She had a lovely, giving heart;
Even though hidden, it still grew large ~
She understood much more than we ourselves could ever impart.

Her heartfelt words, thoughts and deeds,
Penned in a dusty, simple corner
Speak volumes, yet not of her own needs,

You see, she wrote what we all know
But are afraid to say;
We’re all the same, and we can’t be perfect, every day.

To think it could have been you, or me,
Our childhood stopped,
A painful end, for no earthly good,

She endured it, she withstood,
The hate no world should ever see,
She paid an awful price...But we...

...We are lucky to be free.

Kira Braun