Kira's Poetry & Musings

Sep. 22, 2018

Eagle circles effortlessly
Gusts of wind blow across the lonely road
Long grasses sway
Nostrils fill with the earthy must
Sun descends, leaving its golden hue
A gentle touch atop fields of corn
Windows down
The wind ruffles my hair
And I drive....
Smiling inside and out
What a glorious day,
What a glorious life.

Kira Braun
Sep. 16, 2018

Suddenly, it let go
From its perch on high,
Taking a hesitant leap...
Heading down a path
That only Nature could have planned

Fluttering, an erratic spiral formed
And with the breeze
It traveled far from its home
Settling itself lightly
On the ground

Here it found itself
Among others of its kind
Sprinkled amidst yet others
Of another genus
Not competing, always complementing.

Their job not yet complete
They settled into the cycle ~
Lucky the one that was last to land,
Keeping its brightness the longest,
Feeling the dew on its skin

The scent of the earth
Rose up to greet each layer,
A richly woven tapestry
Blanketed the ground,
As the colours began to fade.

The perfect finish of each one
Became duller each day,
Spots forming,
A sign they’d soon decay
This too a task they must complete

Now becoming one,
The layers sank further
And the creatures of underground
Awakened to break their fast
Slowly, slowly, the earth consumed them.

The leaf, magnificent and delicate,
Had met its end
Unaware that it would provide
Life-giving nurture
To the trees from whence they came.

Kira Braun
Sep. 4, 2018

Stillness surrounds,
The quiet lifts me;
Darkness covers the sky
And Orion’s Belt twinkles,
Inviting me to gaze
Upon a crescent moon
As it sails through a shroud.

Solitary bird shyly twitters,
Crickets are winding down,
Kitchen light pollutes the dark;
I turn it off, watching for the Dawn
To creep in at the East,
To lift the dew,
and remove the moon’s halo.

Cassiopeia glimmers faintly,
Her curves still proud in the sky,
This Queen above Polaris...
Their constance, and mythology,
Awakens me to awareness
Of a new day; the North arrow
Points me onwards.

Kira Braun
Sep. 2, 2018

Clothing confines me
Pulling at my neck, arms, and feet;
I toss it aside
And climb into bed,
The way I was born.

I must have been swaddled
Properly as a babe,
I cannot sleep uncovered
Even when the heat rises
A corner, a fold, must be worn.

Without it, I am vulnerable;
And even though the eyes on me
Are appreciative and loving,
I don’t want them to see
Elements of me I’m timid to impart,

I could learn from him,
He’s confident and open,
Not embarrassed of any part,
And fully accepting of all of me,
Embracing my curves with all his heart.

And when I turn to find
His silhouette beside me,
I marvel at how my round tummy
Fits into the small of his back,
My arm across his narrow hips...

The softness of his skin,
Softer I think than my own,
Belies the fact he is a man;
I pull him tight, and find the sweet spot
Between his shoulders, with my lips.

Kira Braun
Jul. 1, 2018

My heart has been away,
The days seem long and slow...

My heart, outside my self,
Can’t fully ever know...

How I long for our foreheads to touch,
How his presence soothes me so much

In the moment our eyes meet again,
My heart will once more me entwine,

Soon again I’ll feel his beguiling charms,
My heart will be home, in my arms.