Kira's Poetry & Musings

Dec. 9, 2018

A forbidden exchange late one night,
Taken at great risk

A voice whispers
Not knowing if anyone would respond

Were she to be caught,
Certain punishment would fall

And yet, a voice answered
Unseen person through barbed wire and straw

An impassable barrier
Through which voices could carry

Where is my friend?
I heard she is here...

Minutes pass, an eternity of hope ~
Another voice quietly speaks

And through the squalor and pain
A reunion with no touch or sight

Only a voice...
And then she was gone.

Kira Braun
Dec. 4, 2018

Strength: in body and in spirit,
One who is not supposed to cry, they say
They seem to manage better in a cruel world;
…On the outside.

But on the inside, they feel
The same as me ~
They must weep, must love passionately;
Experience pain.

Fragility can lie within
Broad shoulders, muscular arms,
Strong legs and a back
That can carry anything

Yet…he possesses delicate features,
Holding indescribable beauty,
Containing great sensitivity,
And loving greatly

How can this dichotomy exist
Between strong and sensuous,
Rough and soft?
It is everything.

Kira Braun
Dec. 4, 2018

When the rockets rain down
They will not differentiate
Between brown or white skin

When the mushroom cloud billows
The blast of heat will incinerate ~
Our sexuality will be unimportant

When the chemicals taint
Everything we breathe...
No God will restore our air

And they who press the buttons
Will hide underground;
Cowardly, shameful beasts,

Undeserving of the title of human;
From blindness and corpulent greed,
Their empires will fall.

Kira Braun
Dec. 2, 2018

Jagged and random across the sky
Lightning strikes
In the blink of an eye there is daylight
From the heavens above

Wipers at top speed
Swiping wildly to keep up with sheets of rain
Lights obscured on the mottled windshield,
We hurtle homeward

In a lull, the pace slows
As we approach the familiar bridge;
The rain clears and we settle in
To contemplate our contributions...

Music - a call to worship,
A reminder to love,
The intimate rhythm of our hearts
Beating outside ourselves,

Music - to be shared with one another.

Kira Braun
Nov. 27, 2018

The birch is bare,
White stalks against a stark blue sky ~
Crisp is the air,
The time to sleep is nigh.

The snow will come,
To hide the fields of green,
And my heart sighs some,
As I think on summer’s sheen.

But in the midst of winter
I’ll still stand strong and fair;
My roots are deep,
My lofty reach
Is set, new buds to bear.