Kira's Poetry & Musings

Feb. 16, 2019

I never really thought
That I needed to fight back
I would always just cry ~
In surprise and hurt,
That people could use words
That would cause me so much pain

I never really thought
I needed to defend myself
Until the day came
When two hands found their way
Out of a haze of alcohol
To my throat

I never really thought
I’d have to call the cops
Until the day came
When a picture was smashed,
And from behind a threat
Came a shove

I never really thought
That I needed to fight back
I didn’t know I could
Didn’t know I had a voice
Didn’t know I could take action
I just ran away

And even now
I live with the guilt
Of some of my choices
Made from pain and fear
When cries for help
Went unanswered

When you run,
The baggage follows
Reminders every day ~
Even if there are loving arms
Around you,
Somehow it knows...

And the brick
Sits on your chest
And the lump rises
In your throat
And your tears well up,
And no words will come

Helpless in the fog
Of push and pull
Weak in the stance
Of fight or flight
Afraid of what will become
If I step out into the world

Until I found
The little blue pill
That helps me not care
What the world is like
Around me,
What the voices say

And I become me,
The way I was before,
Not afraid, not a care
What they’ll think
What they’ll say
And I can just be

‘Til I get home
And the loving arms are there
His hand on my chest
and the brick flies away;
All that really matters
Is here

Little blue pill
Little blue pill
Little blue pill

Feb. 3, 2019

Haunting melodies, unexpected turns
Tales of our prying eyes
Where they don’t belong
Yet that kindness will come
The gentle arms of a woman from.

Songs of those who must go on,
Hiding the pain
Of an uncomfortable pebble
In one’s bed, all the while looking perfect,
Trying hard to appeal,
The struggle they say, is real

One who is in love ~
Supported and yet her own self,
Free to fly, never held back
It wasn’t always that way...
Oft times she was crowded
To the back of the shelf

And one, who is destined to her craft
Eternally trapped by her own doing,
Not knowing the outside world..
Her four walls are all she’ll know
Crocheting patterns
She should not be shy to show

While gazing out across the sea,
The moaning vocal line comes to me,
A sacred temple and an ancient bath
These stones have seen milliennia pass
And the sun has set a million times
Casting its glow on humanity
Sharing its warmth in humility

Bring together the words, the notes, the place
And bind it, with rich tones -
A cello, its deeply shined wood and red hue
Created 250 years ago or more
And the artist that brings it to life every day..
My stepfather’s legacy, he’ll lovingly play

Fingers dancing on the keys
Complex rhythms and progressions
This music deserves her talent;
No, it demands her fine musicality,
Her exactness, and brilliant mind
My cousin’s wife, a treasured find.

To those stones I shall return
And bring my voice and haunting refrain
A calling to the Goddesses of old
And a celebration of partnership,
The fellowship of women worldwide,
Heart to heart, forever tied.

Connected by music, by family, by love,
And framed with lasting mortar,
Shards of life fitted together,
Finding our way through the labyrinth...
To the centre of Aria’s Star.

Kira Braun
Jan. 31, 2019

I’ve been to a few that will never leave my memory

A conservatory basement
A concert hall
A cottage on a private lake

Those are the fond ones

I’ve been to places
Where I have been hurt

At the hands of a man I loved
By the bite of a woman’s tongue
By the sting of gossip

And I have survived

But the careless words of a teacher
Can crush the inner soul
And darken an artist’s hopes

Jan. 30, 2019


Is cutting you down
Feels threatened by you
By your looks
By your talent

Jealous of your relationships
Envious of your achievements

She must never know
That she wins each time
You come home feeling defeated
Crushed in tears

And even if you do reveal
Your barest soul to her
You still are whole
And she cannot take away
Who you are,
What you emanate...

And how much
You are loved.

Jan. 29, 2019

On the eve of the day before,
The clouds banded alongside one another,
Wave after wave of cold covered me
To match the ice now in my veins -
I should have known this time would come.

My open heart was closed,
The moment you took another chance with the proverbial fishing knife
And twisted it deeper, serrated edge & hook...
With your false gratitudes and heartless jabs

You may be surprised to know,
The sun still rises for me though,
Even at the same time as the moon,
Skies crystal clear, my vision has become ~
You do not define my being

Now the snow has come, swift and heavy,
Blanketing the earth
Quieting my agitated soul
Muffling the longing to mend forever more...
Lending me its stillness, and peace.

I used to love you,
But I don’t need you any more.

kira Braun