May. 3, 2017

See Anew

Heady is the feeling
From Spring's dusty bouquet,
The weather casts its dealings;
Sullen clouds, and raindrop spray..

Tender buds appearing,
Razor edged and new;
Flowerets bud, emerging
To take in the sky's view.

Magnolia are fleeting,
The fruit trees' blossoms too;
Petals lead to harvesting,
The bounty yields anew.

But do we stop to notice
The warm wind on our face?
Alas, life holds much avarice,
Our loving thoughts erased.

If only for a moment
We'd think of whence we came,
It would be so transparent
That we are all the same.

So hasten to the great outdoors
To look around the world,
Take in the earth, creatures, and plants,
See humankind unfurled.

Kira Braun