May. 3, 2017

The Duty

Hunkered down against the cold breeze, the dove sits patiently, feathers rippling up now and again, her sharp eyes darting about.   She is seeking the one who will respond to her mournful call, her life's mate.
Her colour is that of speckled slate, with blue dots amid the grey, eyes rimmed with a pale turquoise similar to that of a robin's egg.  A pretty female indeed, she is ready to become a mother once again.
They take turns, flying to and fro, bringing twigs and twine to line a rough nest, barely covering their pride, an innocent offering to mother nature.
And in a rush of wind, the gift tumbles from its precarious perch, and they must try again, to bring another precious life into this world.  And try they do, because they know nothing else.

-Kira Braun

Photo by Kira Braun. Taken the day we lost our Soldier at the Ottawa War Memorial.