May. 3, 2017

Ode to Irene

I visited you yesterday, I held your hand.
It was so very warm, while you breathed and slept.

Your sleep was troubled, breathing laboured,
Yet your face looked peaceful.

A long life, and now, waiting for the end.

Recalling your voice, the same one as your mother's,
And knowing I will not hear you say Kirlchen again.

Recalling your kindness, and your belief..
I hope that you will meet Him soon.

A beautiful lady, who shared her talents
And gave selflessly to others,

Hands weary with work,
But still soft to the touch.

A nurse, a musician, a missionary...
You served your Country,
Always with a song in your heart.

Sleep dear Auntie, and slip away when the time is right.
I will keep your song in my heart.

Kira Braun