Jun. 1, 2017

When You Know It's Real

I wish I could describe you, in words that deeply glow..
The way you smile at me, eyes twinkling in the know,
The parts of you I notice that no one else will see,
The tenderness and kindness you always show to me.

How different from another, from many moons ago..
A smile reserved for others only added to my woe,
And it would hurt so badly to hear his loud guffaws,
That her features were better, and I should fix my flaws.

He never understood me, he laughed at my desires..
He thought I'd find something to share with one of common fires,
He thought I should have asked him if I could travel afar,
Instead of saying "Go! And see the world my dear."

And now, I know the difference, as I am truly loved..
I am held up, my every dream, my every hope resolved,
And you are truly selfless, not asking anything,
Just saying, "What you reap, you'll sow"; You are my everything.

Kira Braun