Jun. 11, 2017

Believe Her

Dim reflections
Years ago
An eternity has passed

Yet still the memory
Is fresh, the faces vivid,
The feelings raw

Hushed whispers, accusations,
Blame, and no protection ~
Left unconscious,
to awaken to shock

Next morning, seeking help
The whispers were louder;
"What is she doing in there
With my Dad?"

School halls, name calling,
Sideways glances and rumours
Outcast from the social scene

Keep quiet, keep quiet
Maybe they'll stop
This too shall pass.

Somehow she prevailed
Somehow became popular again
Somehow supressed it all

Those small voices with
Even smaller minds
Those jealous souls

And he...moved on easily.
Never said sorry..
Had a family.

What did he take?
Innocence was lost
And yet guilt remained

She knows who it is
She will never forget
And he goes on

Unaware of the damage
Uncaring of the fear
Not guilty of the anger
That he left behind.

Kira Braun