Jun. 12, 2017


Ice cream truck's
familiar tune;
I see the Mulberry tree
where it used to stop

The ground stained
with berries, fallen and stomped.
A tune, a taste, a smell,
Brings it all rushing back

"Can I go to the Park?"
was my daily question.
I had many friends there,
each so very unique.

The swings, what joy!
How high I'd fly,
bumping at the top
Almost wrapping 'round

A stone fountain
Clear water sparkling,
A gathering place
to make a new friend.

Big slides, hiding places,
and sand to muck about in,
Monkey bars to challenge
the budding gymnast within.

Every summer she came,
To the small building on site
She'd bring paper, scissors, glue and paint,
And all day, we'd create.

The musty smell
inside that hut,
how damp it was,
and dimly lit.

And on the bench
from time to time
A man unkempt,
Who had no home.

There's more, oh,
so much more to tell,
After the sun,
when darkness fell...

Kira Braun