Jun. 17, 2017


Bright hues of unimaginable variety;
The most delicate tendrils, leaflets, and stamen
Sway in the hot air,
Reaching up to patches of light
Between the leaves of the oak

A caterpillar drops on its silken thread
From the arches above
And winding its way through blades of grass
Inches up and down, up and down,
Until it finds a place to hide

Even this tiny being
Has been given the greatest attention to detail
From minute stripes and dots
To hairs that can feel every vibration
To help it survive, to help it thrive.

The lake breeze carries with it
A spray of gentle mist,
Lifting gracefully across the meadow
And bringing much needed dew
To creatures and plants alike

Think not only of that which grows
From the earth,
But of the earth itself,
Massive, and powerful...
From it, all things are sprung.

Kira Braun