Jun. 27, 2017


I don't know
Why I think the way I do
Why I sometimes hurt the way I do
Although I have a clue

I genuinely care
For people and how they feel
About the job that I will do
And the impression I will leave

And in true empath style
I shy away from those
Who speak of nothing but themselves
Where one cannot get in a word

One need not be loud
To be heard
One need not be centre
Of attention
To be found

But when I meet someone
Who in true humbleness is real,
That is who I'd like to know,
To speak to, share with, and really feel

My words this eve
Are not what I'd wanted
They started with 'self'
And left me feeling haunted

So I let them go
And instead I'll extend
My heart's desire
To be your true friend.

Kira Braun