Jul. 28, 2017

Does Anyone Care?

Does anyone care? I do.
"Oh, she's here often", they say,
"Mentally unwell".
They ignore.
I see her lying there. I go.
Is she breathing? I check.
Can she hear me? I try to rouse her.
Her eyes open only a bit,
"Do you need help?" I ask.
She does not answer,
Closes her eyes again.
I decide, that I can help.
I call. 
"What is your emergency?"
A lady on the sidewalk,
She is barely awake,
I think she needs help.
I am wracked with tears.
I fear for her.
I wait for the ambulance.
They ask me to talk to her.
"Do you need help?" I ask again.
She can only murmur, "mm hmm".
They arrive and try to rouse her.
She rolls over, she is cold.
A blanket appears.
They send me away,
"We'll take it from here"
I watch from afar.
They speak with her
She sends them away.
But she is okay.
She is not overdosing,
She is awake.
I'm glad she's awake;
But I wonder... what will become of her.