Oct. 15, 2017


I couldn't see your true self,
While I was in love with you.

I wanted to please,
I tried to appease;
Your demands were never too high.

I tried,
and I stayed;
So often I prayed
that you'd notice my love
and appreciate me.

When my efforts weren't welcomed,
it made me work more
to win your approval,
and at my heart's core,
I lost my own soul without even a care.

While I put you first,
You put me last.
When I jumped to respond,
You dismissed a real bond.
You never gave anything back.

And now we're apart ~
Still, you control..
I cannot break free
of the need to be hurt;
Your unkind soul never fully will see
the pain you so carelessly exert.

Kira Braun