Jan. 5, 2018


On this the coldest day,
My heart did sigh,
And salt tears froze.

Oh, how the winter wind it blows.

We stood and said a long goodbye,
Each in our quiet watch,

The winter wind, in our tightened throats,
Our breath did quickly catch.

There is no song in my heart now,
You leave an empty space -

In its fierce glory, the winter wind
Will justly take your place;

When the howling gale goes by,
I’ll think of you every last cold night,

And I’ll imagine on each perfect flake
Your soul is safe in flight;

On winter wings,
May your spirit soar,
Always, evermore alight.

And when Spring comes, I’ll see you again,
When the red-breasted fledgling
Learns first to truly fly ~

I’ll see you,
I’ll see you,
I’ll see you again.

My friend,
You’ll own the sky.

Kira Braun