Jan. 26, 2018

How Happiness is Brought

One could look at life and say
It’s not what I’d expected,
And be sad throughout the day,
For I’m alone and feel rejected;

“But oh! If people paid attention,
They’d see all my painful tension,
And they’d flock to me with fawning;
All my worries would be waning.”

Yet is this how our lives should work?
Expecting folks to stand for us,
When we sit upon our laurels,
And think we’re owed some special plus?

No, it’s not, the saying goes,
Do for yourself, set up those goals,
And never mind what people think,
It’s meant for you; of life do drink,

For happiness comes from within,
Expecting from others won’t help us win;
We must move forward,
We deserve naught,
For what we make
For ourselves;
Is how happiness is brought.

Kira Braun