Jan. 28, 2018

Without a Keel

Polarized between opinions.
Or is that paralyzed?
Is silence then, the answer?

Girls versus boys;
Men versus women.
The balance of power.

Are there inherent differences?
Or are we all equal?
Aren’t all experiences unique?

Our unique experience forms our opinion.
One’s opinion cannot change another’s unique experience.
Yet there are two sides to a coin.

For every abusive person, there is a loving one.
For every #MeToo, there are a hundred unspoken stories.
For every real accusation, there will still be false ones.

In every truth, there is a lie.
In every lie, there is some truth.
These blurred lines have always existed.

Yet we are capable of change;
Our world is improving,
We strive to become better.

Not better than anyone else,
Simply better than we were before.
Good people must still exist.

The world needs better examples,
Leadership with principle instead of greed,
Leadership with compassion, not malice.

Only time will tell....
But why is it taking so long?