Mar. 21, 2018

Celestial Woman

A constant, she is there,
Peeking coyly at us,
Now hidden in some measure, only a sliver shows,
Leaving the remainder partially visible,
A faint outline of her complete self.

Her feminine wiles are strong
Pulling us down,
Stirring our waters as though fleeting emotions;
She stops us from floating away ~
Grounded by her very presence.

Shapeshifting, akin to a heartbeat's rhythm
Her moods are matched by us
As we move through the cycles of life,
Our harvests, our births, our blood ~
She is the mother of nurturing.

And yet, her light is not her own;
Borrowed from a larger orb,
A mere reflection of warmth
Passed on in cool tones,
Softening our hard lines; lighting our path.

One can hardly wonder then,
That she is female, ever bestowing grace
Over a darkened and hurting world,
Faithful even through the clouds of doubt
A solid friend, a guide to all.

Kira Braun