Apr. 3, 2018

The Dream

I had the dream again
The one where I was stuck
In a past two lifetimes ago
Or was it really three

Everything in chaos
Nothing ever good enough
Trying desperately
To find the real me

But I was not allowed
To think I had a choice
With one I was second to drink
With the other I had no voice

I bore each one a child
The greatest gift to give
I tried so hard, I did it all
But I didn’t really live

There was no return
No effort to support;
My children fatherless ~
...Same way that I fell short

And when I had the courage
To really walk away
I fell lower than any low
No self esteem could stay

I never thought I’d say
I love you, ever again
Until there came a day
One stood out, above all men

The kindness in his eyes
Was in him through and through
And selflessly, he gave
He asked nothing, but he knew...

The right things to do
The right things to say
The right way to love,
Arms ‘round me, every day

Ironic fate, that we are old;
I can’t give him a child ~
Yet after such pain, hearts still can hold
True love, fully beguiled

I’m not a bird to keep in a cage;
My hopes he’ll always buoy ~
And when I give myself to him
I weep, I weep with joy.

Kira Braun