Apr. 12, 2018


Oh, you knew
That your actions were upsetting
And you did it on purpose,
Pushing, and testing

Enough was enough

You used my weaknesses against me
The deep fears I told you, the truths I shared,
You used them, pitting us against each other
Telling so many lies

Enough was enough

Your words hurt
Your threats were real
I wasn’t safe and I knew it
You took the upper hand

Enough was enough

All I could do was make you leave
And you hated me for it
From then on we were never reparable
But I have said sorry, over and over

Enough is enough

And you continue to play games
I keep hoping you’ve changed
But your outer demeanour hides your inner self
And it’s dark

I reach out, years have passed,
You slap back, it still stings.
I still want to try...but
My guilt will be forever

And you’ve


Kira Braun