May. 18, 2018

I See The Real You

Do you think you know me?
Oh, you don’t at all.
There are places I’m in control;
In others, my mouth runs dry...

I can run a mega project,
On stage to a thousand I’ll sing ~
But in a room full of people,
I’m awkward and shy...

In my shyness I shrink
Away from the fray,
I stutter and mumble
I can’t do ‘the sell’..

With your loud voice,
You talk over us all ~
In your self-centered chatter,
The din becomes hell...

Looking through people
You’ll always find the mirror...
And steer the whole conversation
Back to yourself.

A pretty face
Belies what’s underneath...
Someone who’d happily push
Others to the back of the shelf

Kira Braun