May. 27, 2018

What is Snow?

In the winter's frozen air,
Do you like to sit and stare -
Out the window of your room
Into winter's greyish gloom?

The sky so desolate, so bleak,
A ray of sunshine it does seek
When suddenly, from 'midst the clouds
A snowfall came, as a dead man's shrouds.

A frosty aura, 'round the world,
Only broken with a wind that's hurled
By a Prophet in shining light,
From a land that is always white.

Surrounding all the world in beauty,
'Tis our Lord's own faithful duty -
Upon the land he shall bestow
A wondrous gift of glittering snow.

As you watch this through your window,
Remember 'tis He that makes it snow,
And always after, you'll know, and love,
The Creator of snow, as white as a dove.

Written C1980-3
Kirlchen Braun
Sent to my Oma and saved all these years by Auntie Irma. Given back to me in May 2017. <3

Kira Braun