Jun. 24, 2018

Oh World

Silken arms enwrap me,
Sun and moon caught in them too ~
They stop the world
From hurting me...
Oh world, what shall we do?
- - -
We quiver in the hindsight
Of knowing what’s unfolded;
We knew the fate, we grasped the fee...
And yet we walked on by,
Feigning that we didn’t see

Do not move too slowly now,
Idle choice will dearly cost;
Open your minds wide
To see the path laid bare
Or those in need, will all be lost

You know of which I speak,
Yet I fear you are afraid
To wake the sleeping giant,
And test the lengths to which he’ll go
Where more than threats are made.

The war machine has stepped in oft
Where help was needed most,
Harmful rule was overthrown,
But now resolve’s imperative...
On shores which are our own.

Oh world, your arms are wanted,
To embrace and soothe our woe
To set the ship aright again,
Where freedom lives, where all are one ~
Expel our loathsome foe.