Sep. 2, 2018


Clothing confines me
Pulling at my neck, arms, and feet;
I toss it aside
And climb into bed,
The way I was born.

I must have been swaddled
Properly as a babe,
I cannot sleep uncovered
Even when the heat rises
A corner, a fold, must be worn.

Without it, I am vulnerable;
And even though the eyes on me
Are appreciative and loving,
I don’t want them to see
Elements of me I’m timid to impart,

I could learn from him,
He’s confident and open,
Not embarrassed of any part,
And fully accepting of all of me,
Embracing my curves with all his heart.

And when I turn to find
His silhouette beside me,
I marvel at how my round tummy
Fits into the small of his back,
My arm across his narrow hips...

The softness of his skin,
Softer I think than my own,
Belies the fact he is a man;
I pull him tight, and find the sweet spot
Between his shoulders, with my lips.

Kira Braun