Oct. 30, 2018

Beyond Eternity

Well, I had a man
That held me back,
I had a man
That pushed me down...
And I had a man,
Who gave me wings
And set me free,
To let me, be me

You see, he’s sure
Of himself in so many ways,
He’s not one for mirrors
Or selfish plays
Of power to keep
Over me -
No, he’ll let me go
And happily he’ll watch me grow

With each passing year
The woman I’ve become
Is stronger and wiser
And loves him more,
‘Cause he’d never tear me down,
No he’ll never tear me down,
He’ll keep on stoking my fires
Building my flame to brightly burn

And with my light shone ahead of me,
I know I’ve cast a shadow
From where lesser men now watch;
From afar they wish they’d known
How to love another selflessly
And reap the reward of one
Who loves them back
Beyond eternity.