Nov. 14, 2018

Resistant Me

You say that singer is a wannabe
They sound like they’re imitatin’ “Authenticity”
But isn’t that the point?
I’ll sing my way, make it unique to me

She’s got soul, she’s got grit
I like her take, her song has wit,
Style’s always got a subjective tone,
She nailed it, she made it her own.

‘Cause my voice ain’t thin
It’s got all the heart,
And I’ll upset that old apple cart!

I’d like to sing it in a different key
And that’s because that key is just not me
In fact I’d like to take your middle note
And stick it right down your weak n’ airy throat

And now, you tell me crowds will run away
If I use round vow’ls and give it too much ‘T’
But I’m gonna do it, you’re gonna see
Now you’ve gone and done it,

And I don’t have to listen
No I’m not gonna listen
To your rules.
No No No No.

Kira Braun