Jan. 29, 2019

Did You See the Clouds

On the eve of the day before,
The clouds banded alongside one another,
Wave after wave of cold covered me
To match the ice now in my veins -
I should have known this time would come.

My open heart was closed,
The moment you took another chance with the proverbial fishing knife
And twisted it deeper, serrated edge & hook...
With your false gratitudes and heartless jabs

You may be surprised to know,
The sun still rises for me though,
Even at the same time as the moon,
Skies crystal clear, my vision has become ~
You do not define my being

Now the snow has come, swift and heavy,
Blanketing the earth
Quieting my agitated soul
Muffling the longing to mend forever more...
Lending me its stillness, and peace.

I used to love you,
But I don’t love you any more.

kira Braun