May. 24, 2019


I have been lost
In his arms,
No sense of time
Or place

Fingers reaching tenderly
Across his handsome face
Delicately tracing
The line of his jaw and brow

His silken arms cradle
Me against his chest
My head rests on his shoulder,
Hair cascading across

From below I look up
Seeing what no one else sees
For he is mine alone,
And I am his.

Legs intertwined
Fully embracing
Fully appreciating,
His shoulders, arms and waist

I am in awe
That he holds me
So tenderly;

I wish his kisses
To never cease
Deep, passionate and real,
For a moment we are still

Feeling every curve,
muscle and softness
In each other
Sweet lips bound together

To meet his gaze
Is a moment
Suspended in air
To last all my days.

Kira Braun