Kira's Poetry & Musings

Apr. 14, 2019

I can see the dust risin’
Down the long dirt road
Old purple Pontiac
Rattling on home

Little shack tucked away
In the 100 acre hills
Big barn still standin’
Where I’d swing all day

Oh how it felt
To be wild and free
Northern girl
I remember me

The forest was a haven
Brooks bubbling over stone
Trail through the trilliums,
The lake was our own

I can’t go there any more
But in my heart
I treasure the place
Where I learned to love nature’s art

Oh how it felt
To be wild and free
Northern girl
I remember me

Kira Braun
Apr. 2, 2019

Oh if I could write a song
‘Bout everything I’ve done so wrong
It might just turn the mirror ‘round
And face it back to you, my friend

See, I’ve done my part
Explained my way
And you’ve chosen to look
The other way

You’d rather believe
the one who lies
Thinking their stories
Are like clear blue skies

But the truth remains
That there are clouds
And the shadows of pain
Will resolve around

The liar will get their dues
And maybe, maybe you’ll come to me,
To apologize
For your doubt, with your excuse

But that’s exactly when
I’ll turn my back on you,
Because you closed the door so long ago,
I can’t even open it now.

Mar. 20, 2019

The unique weave of a handmade fabric
A hand pinched clay pot..
The phases of the moon ~

These things are beautiful
And imperfect,
Always changing

So too is a voice, the instrument of a body,
Raw, real, and full
Brought from deep within

And you, your soul laid bare for all to see
Stand stripped and give your all,
With grace and fortitude.

Kira Braun
Mar. 10, 2019

Narcissus loved his own reflection
His downfall gazed back at him
But he did not see it

Even when the waters rippled
His visage came back to him

And when a turmoil came
The waters roiled
But inside, Narcissus remained calm

What kind of jolt must there be
To awaken him from this state
Of arrogant unawareness

Unless he faces himself
From deep within,
Somehow, he will always drown

And while he may seek of others
To sustain him in his reverie,
Still he will starve

Perhaps the others he fools
Are blind and deaf
And ready to drown as well.

Kira Braun
Mar. 2, 2019

Floating log stretching
Towards the centre of the lake
A few balancing steps and then
You were there
On the platform at the end
How eerie it was to peer
Into the dark waters
Knowing a tree lurked
Somewhere below
Its branches still reaching
For the light above...
The fallen trees
Met the shoreline
A tangled web
Of deciduous and pine
Leaves settling
Into a mush on the floor
Of the basin
On a calm day
We would paddle across
In the old canoe
And sit by the edge
Mosquitos buzzing
Amidst the sound...
Of nothingness

Kira Braun