Jul. 22, 2018

Greek Lover

I know not where I am
Not in the sense of being lost,
But of being intoxicated...
By a man

He holds me not as though I’ll break,
No... more as though I’ll be separated from him;
But in this moment,
There’s nowhere else I’d long to be

He’s unafraid, of anything -
Of what you’ll care, of what you say.
While others from their shadows run,
His blood’s to be admired.

This depth to which I love him
Is not superficial,
Though handsome indeed,
His character is what speaks to me.

His green eyes look into mine
With volumes to say,
Yet nothing is spoken;
His touch lights me on fire.

Hot air sweeps over us
Through the shutters,
Crickets sing their evensong,
And I slip and fall, more deeply than before.

I used to dream of a Greek man,
He was the one who’d save me;
Now here I am, wrapped in his arms,
Greece herself epitomized.