Nov. 11, 2018

Finally Able to Play & Sing at the Same Time!

There is no video clip yet

We are already 8 weeks into the curriculum and I have to admit that I don’t practise every day, but when I do, I actually make a good bit of progress! I have to tell myself that I am not going to learn to play if I don’t even pick the darn guitar up.

In class, we mostly are working on chords and have the chance to ask a few questions. We are also given lectures, which I will write about later. This past week, there was a new-to-our-class student whom the teacher very nicely placed beside me. He patiently taught me how to go up the E-String with a nice finger style pattern and by the end of the class I had memorized it!

I went home and over the next two days or so, feeling inspired, I tried much harder at my Sound of Silence, and was finally able to pull it all together with my voice. My biggest challenge is making the transition between chords, and then the hand/eye coordination that goes with it. I have gotten better at transitioning between A minor and F, and between F and C, but still having trouble reaching the G chord from the A chord when needed. I might look at my fingering on that and see if another way would be easier.

I am very pleased with this progress and it is going to spur me on to try harder. I am looking forward to Christmas break...when I feel I might just have the energy and wherewithal to pick it up every day.

Here is my little video from today....Dust in the Wind!