Apr. 2, 2019

My new Baby Girl - Sleek and Slim :)

Now, six months later, with a new little (and might I add, sleek and beautiful) guitar in my hands, I am able to reach several chords, and play along to a few tunes. It has helped me immensely to take private lessons outside of York, as I wanted to be sure I would achieve this before the end of the term. I can play A major, A minor, C, a modified F, G, D major, D minor and E minor.
I have learned that my strength lies in reading chord blocks and not tablature, just yet. But I do know that Tab helps us with fingerstyle playing, identifying for us which Fret we should be on, on each respective string. I imagine that with a bit more practise, I will be reading Tab in no time.
Some of the songs I can play along with now are:
Tracy Chapman’s “Give me One Reason”, “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas, and “Here Comes the Sun” & “Norwegian Wood” by the Beatles. <3
I very much enjoyed my Guitar 101 Class!